Altius Education is committed to delivering an education experience different to what is currently available in the market place.

Our teachers are highly accomplished educators who hold esteemed positions in some of Sydney’s most elite independent schools. They have a range of bachelors and masters degrees specialising in Education. Our staff are very experienced practitioners who have held leadership positions in a variety of private school settings; including girls’ schools, boys’ schools as well as coeducational settings.

We have teachers who have received a number of awards and scholarships, locally and internationally, in recognition of their passion and commitment to education.They have intimate and practical knowledge of the New South Wales and Australian syllabuses.

Many of our team have experience as examiners/markers for NAPLAN, Selective Schools and Scholarship examinations.

We do not employ unqualified staff or university students, as we value education and recognise that teaching is a profession which requires outstanding talent, skill and years of specialised training. Hence, we hand-select only the most forward-thinking and gifted teachers to educate your children. We believe parents/caregivers and teachers, working together, provide the best foundation for a student’s future.

We are here to encourage your children to exceed their own expectations of themselves! Please feel free to contact us and let us know which area/s you would like us to help your children improve and excel in.

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