Online Reading Club

Altius Online Reading Club 2022

Our Book Club program introduces

        • love of novels
        • greater understanding
        • develop literary elements
        •  author
        •  setting
        • main characters
        •  plot
        •  theme
        • other underlying issues
        • discussions


All of our teachers are highly accomplished educators who hold esteemed positions in some of Sydney’s most elite independent schools and public schools.   They have a range of bachelors and masters degrees specialising in education.  Some of our teachers who have worked in international schools in England, America and Hong Kong.

*For the love of reading! *

Every child is a reader and needs to develop their interest in literature from early years.  It is an important skill continue needed for secondary school.

Our Book Club program introduces a love of classic novels and well-known literatures for greater understanding of quality books.  It encourages students to develop an understanding of the major literary elements and build the understanding of the author’s writing style.

Dependent on the length of the book/novel, each book club will take 4×2 hours sessions.

During each session, discussions, creative thinking, expressions are highly encouraged.  Literacy elements (such as author, setting, main characters, plot, theme and other underlying issues) will be addressed.

Students will independently read sections of the book they are studying in the Book Club as part of assigned homework.  They are required to think and complete questions about a literary element of their book and bring to discussion in the next session for sharing with their group.  Teachers will provide further assistance to each student as needed.  Our teachers have experience with students who are gifted or have special education needs.

Most importantly,

Reading is the fundamental of everything.

If you are interested and require more information, please contact our Hong Kong Office Ms Ng  tel: +852 9389 8814

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