Book Club


Altius Online Reading Club 2022

For the love of reading! Every child is a reader and needs to develop love of good literature in preparation for Year 7 and beyond.

Our Book Club program introduces a love of classic novels and well-known books for greater understanding of quality books.  Our book club will help encourage students to develop an understanding of the major literary elements of books.

Over the course of a term, students will be expected to read a book each four weeks to five weeks, so that they will read 3 to 3 quality novels.

  • author
  • setting
  • main characters
  • plot
  • theme
  • other underlying issues

Students will independent read sections of the book they are studying in Book Club at home as part assigned work. They are required to think/complete questions about a literary element of their book and bring their discussion to a Book Club in next meeting to be shared with their group.  Teachers will help students to develop a better understanding of their books.

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