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2021 Altius Sept Holiday Workshops

Holiday Courses Outlines

1.  Reading Club

Primary Reading Club

Yr 1 & Yr 2 are limited to 4 students in a class for an hour per session.
Yr 3 & Yr 4 are limited to 6 students in a class for 2 hours per session.
Yr 5 & Yr 6 are limited to 6 students in a class for 2 hours per session.
Yr 6 & Yr 7 is limited to 6 students in a class for 2.5 hours per session.

Why?  A combined reading and creative writing workshop
  • Exposes world of imagination
  • Mind development
  • Develops language skills
  • Inferential questions
  • Character building
  • Character analysis
  • Analysing plots
  • Evaluating text
  • Reading for meaning and decoding of text for younger kids
  • Develop your creative writing skills

High School Reading Club: It is an intensive course outlined as follow:

Yr 7 class is limited to 6 students in a class for 2.5 hours per session.

Year 7 -The Day of the Triffids expresses many of the political concerns of its time: the Cold War, the fear of biological experimentation and the man-made apocalypse. Wyndham explored how different individuals responded to the challenges of their environment
Students will read and explore John Wyndham’s science fiction novel, The Day of the Triffids. Their understanding of the nature and expectations of science fiction texts will be enhanced along with the significance of context to a text-how the writer’s environment affects the development of ideas. Students will learn more about the forms and features of literary texts, how to build skills in the analysis of central issues, as well as the importance of setting and character development. Creative writing, in response to the ideas of the text, will also be a focus.
Science fiction emerged nearly 300 years ago during a time of great advances in science. Since then authors have tried to make sense of their world by imagining what the future will look like.
Yr 8 class is limited to 6 students in a class for 2.5 hours per session.
Year 8 – Of Mice and Men 
This text explores the impact of the economic and social conditions of The Great Depression in America, in particular, the impact on the lives of rural workers. 
Students will learn more about the importance of context in literature. They will come to understand the relationship between the existing social ideas, expectations and values of the depression era and the issues developed in the text.
There will be a continued focus on identifying and understanding the features of language and style of the novella together with the ways the author conveys ideas about the setting, the characters and the central issues. They will develop their ability to interpret complex literature as well as developing their skills in written analysis. There will also be a focus on creative composition.

2.  Phonics (suggest to do 20mins or 30mins per session. 3 times a week)

Learning phonics will help your children learn to read and spell. Written language can be compared to a code, so knowing the sounds of letters and letter combinations will help your child decode words as he reads. Knowing phonics will also help your child know which letters to use as he writes words.  Learning through an intensive week, it will assist little kids to retain and process smoothly.

3. 5 days Intensive Scholarship Writing Week 1  20/9 – 24/9  Time: 9:00am – 11:00am

Narrative Writing has been one of the two most popular writing styles in ACER writing.
Altius Sept Holiday English

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