altius logoAltius Education invites you to join our Friday afternoon Lego club!

This exciting opportunity is Free of Charge.

What happens in a LEGO club?

In our LEGO club, we use the latest EV3 robotic Mindstorms kits, in conjunction with Technic LEGO. You’ll get to create Robots, which walk, talk, throw, solve a Rubix cube – or anything really! After constructing the Robot, you will learn how to program it, take scientific measurements, problem solve, collect sensor feedback, and of course use all the Robot’s mechanical functions such as walking, or driving.

What are LEGO Mindstorms? LEGO Mindstorms are LEGO Robotic kits, with motors, sensors, and a central control unit which controls all the attachments. You program this unit, using specialist user-friendly software, to do the tasks you set it. The sensors include a touch sensor, colour sensor, sound sensor and more.

Who is the LEGO Club for? Altius Education invites students from ages 10-16 to come and participate in the LEGO club. However there are only a select handful of spaces available, based on a first in-first served method. So please be quick to register your interest!

What is the cost of the club? The LEGO club is Free to attend and all LEGO Equipment is provided. All we require is your child’s full commitment to come on Friday afternoons after school.

What are the intended outcomes of the club?

  • This program will teach students how to build LEGO Mindstorms models featuring working motors and sensors; program their models; and explore a series of cross curricular, theme-based activities while developing their skills in Science, Technology and Mathematics as well as Language and Literacy.
  • Tournaments: LEGO has many tournaments and competitions involving robotics. We are preparing our team (6-10 children from ages 10-16) to enter a LEGO Tournament in 5 November this year at Macquarie University Regional. (Tournaments are run by First Lego League. For further details on these competitions please visit

Once enrolled in the club, students will meet on Friday afternoons (excluding school holidays) at:

Altius Education

Suite 4,

20 Thomas Street CHATSWOOD

About Altius Education

Altius Education is an enrichment centre encouraging creative, logical and higher-order thinking.

This is our first LEGO club. Our aim is to encourage and develop collaboration, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership skills.

For further information and to enrol in the club, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

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