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The importance of long-term preparation for scholarship/ACER-style writing examinations can not be understated. Achievement in this component of the tests can often mean the difference between gaining a scholarship or not. Hence, expert teaching and guidance from our educators is absolutely paramount in order to increase your children’s chances of success.


In this week-long (two-hours per day) scholarship/ACER-style holiday course, students will have expert guidance from an experienced educator who has been a marker for these types of examinations before. Students will be exposed to a variety of writing stimuli and will be given strategies and tips in order to write in a variety of styles. Specific examination technique will be addressed which includes time-management and adhering to specific rubric criteria.


This course is also suitable for those students who wish to improve their writing skills in preparation for the NSW Selective Schools examination.

A significant number of our students who have participated in this course have been awarded full scholarships in a variety of prestigious schools. Each student has attributed their success to the expert tuition they have received from our teachers.

If you would like to give your children a distinct advantage, please contact us today!


Holiday Course Options:


Session One (11-15/7 9:00-11:00) (Specific NARRATIVE/CREATIVE techniques focus will be emphasised.)


Session Two (11-15/7 1:30-3:30) (A variety of general strategies and techniques, that can be applied to all textual requirements that may appear in scholarship writing exams, will be examined.

Practice activities based on our knowledge of what has appeared in previous some independent schools exams will be mirrored in order to prepare students for the ‘unexpected’).


It is recommended that students who undertake this course will have already completed our NARRATIVE and PERSUASIVE scholarship writing courses.

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