Science Education Programs

Science Education Programs

September/Spring School Holiday

Years 3 & 4

“It’s hot in here!”
Students explore and examine heat transfer.  They identify sources of heat in the home and environment and explore two modes of heat transfer – conduction and convection.  They conduct activities using ice and water to explore how and why these modes could be used.  They learn to use and read thermometers so they can gain accurate data from activities relating to heat.  They explore conductors and insulators and identify how colours absorb and reflect heat.

In order to apply their knowledge about heat transfer, they collaboratively plan and conduct an investigation to help solve a problem.

Years 5 & 6‪”

“What’s the matter with you?”

This workshop specifically designed for years 5 and 6 students, builds on their understandings of the properties of solids and liquids developed in Year 3 science. They examine specifically the observable properties and behaviours of gas, how we use gas in our everyday lives and some of the safety implications of this. Students work in cooperative learning teams to explore how adding and removing heat can impact on these properties and result in changes to the states of matter.

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